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Diplomatic Courier: Ιnterview with Govt Spokesman Mr. Nikos Christodoulides
This past February, Russian armed forces invaded and later annexed the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine. This bold move shocked the world, but in reality this invasion was just a case of history repeating itself. A nearly identical scenario took place in Cyprus 40 years ago, and that event—like the division of Ukraine—has yet to find a resolution.

In July of 1974, Turkey illegally invaded Cyprus—purportedly in defense of the Turkish-Cypriot minority—and took control of more than 30 percent of the island. During the invasion, Turkey forcibly expelled Greek-Cypriots from their homes and segregated Cypriots along ethnic and religious lines. Today, Turkey continues to violate international law in its occupation of the north of Cyprus. But after decades of unsuccessful settlement talks, the Cyprus issue has finally started to gain momentum. Nestled between Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, and Libya, Cyprus occupies a valuable geostrategic position in the Mediterranean. Its location, coupled with the recent discovery of hydrocarbons in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone, has catapulted the island into the spotlight, giving Cypriot allies such as the United States much to talk about.
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President Anastasiades talks to CNN on the ongoing gas exploration in Cyprus' EEZ
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Lunch Briefing by Government Spokesman Nikos Christodoulides for Congressional staffers - July 15, 2014

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear friends,

It is a great pleasure to be here in Washington DC in such great company.
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PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation to distribute $250,000 in scholarships for 2014/15
The PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation is proud to announce that its 2014/15 application is now available for eligible Greek American college students to apply. On June 20, 2015, the Foundation will distribute $250,000 in scholarship awards to 40 deserving undergraduates, as follows:

-   Twenty (20) Awards of $10,000 based on academic achievement and financial need

-   Twenty (20) Awards of $2,500 based solely on academic achievement
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Address by the President of the Republic, Mr Nicos Anastasiades, at the unveiling of an honorary plaque for Cypriots who helped Jewish refugees, July 7, 2014
It is with profound emotion and great respect that we are here today for the unveiling of a commemorative plaque which will serve as a reminder, for present and future generations, of the warm relations developed during difficult and tragic times between the Cypriot and Jewish people. During and immediately after the Second World War, Cyprus became a passing point for about 53.000 survivors of the Holocaust who were trying to reach Palestine, which was under British administration, before the establishment of the State of Israel.

Jews deported to Cyprus were housed in military camps in the Karaolos area near the town of Famagusta, in military camps in Dekeleia and here, in Xylotympou. For the Jewish people, the deportation period to our then-colonized island, was the last stage in their long journey to the land of Israel. It was a period of endless, depressing living conditions, but even under these circumstances, at the military camps of Jewish refugees there was life, a lot of compassion and love.
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