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Greek Cypriot-Turkish Cypriot parties determined to work for solution
2003-01-17 17:21:25

Nicosia, Jan 17 (CNA) -- Two Cypriot parties, a Greek Cypriot and a Turkish Cypriot one, expressed here today their strong will to work for a negotiated settlement that would benefit both communities.

Demetris Christofias, General Secretary of the main opposition party AKEL, said a negotiated settlement should be viable and should not contain concessions from one side to the other, at the expense of any one side.

Izzet Izcan, General Secretary of the Turkish Cypriot Party of Unified Cyprus, said he bases his policies on the interests of Cyprus and called on both sides to be ''flexible and constructive.''|

Izcan said if there is no solution, the Turkish Cypriots will continue their struggle and expressed his support of the peace talks on the basis of a UN proposal, now under discussion between the two sides.

''Everybody is fed up with the Cyprus problem, the problem does not serve the interests of the Cypriots at all. It has served the interests of outsiders up to now,'' Izcan pointed out, adding that the problem has to be solve and will be solved sooner or later.

He said Turkish Cypriots would continue their protests and demands for a solution.

Christofias told Izcan that he sees the mass protests Turkish Cypriots are staging in the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus as a reflection of the feelings of the Greek Cypriots. ''We share your goals, we too are struggling to reunite our country,'' he said.

Turkish Cypriots were out in the streets earlier this week demanding a solution on the basis of the UN proposal, accession to the European Union and the resignation of their leader Rauf Denktash.

Commenting on statements from the UN that it would be tragic if there was no settlement by the end of February, a target date by the UN, Christofias said this sounded like propaganda and urged the UN to direct their attention in the direction of Turkey and Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktash.


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