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T/C to benefit enormously from accession of a united island
2003-02-02 22:10:32

by Kyriakos Tsioupras -- London, Feb 1 (CNA) -- Cyprus Finance Minister Takis Klerides said a possible solution of the Cyprus problem and a reunification of the island will create opportunities for acceleration of economic growth in Cyprus.

Speaking at a gathering of Cypriot students at the London School of Economics and Political Science on "The Cyprus Economy After the Copenhagen Summit'', Klerides said the Government of Cyprus has officially committed itself to allocate the peace dividend of an eventual solution of the Cyprus problem, that is the savings accruing from the eventual elimination of defence spending, towards supporting the developmental effort after a solution of the Cyprus problem.

Klerides said the forthcoming accession to the EU is expected to strengthen the political security on the island, thus enhancing the business climate, and stressed that in the event of a solution of the Cyprus problem, Turkish Cypriots will be also able to benefit from the enhanced employment opportunities.

''Clearly the current economic situation in the occupied part of Cyprus is not satisfactory. A solution of the Cyprus problem coupled with an accession of the reunified island in the EU would enormously benefit the Turkish Cypriots with substantial assistance and the promotion of the much-needed economic reforms, thus helping them to improve their living standard'', he added.|

He also noted that the Government is working hard and constructively and committed towards finding a viable and lasting solution of the Cyprus problem. We are encouraged by the clear message of goodwill and willingness of the Turkish Cypriots and the T/C young generation in particular, to support a solution of the Cyprus problem, based on the Anan plan, he added.

Klerides also assured that the Government of the Republic of Cyprus is determined to continue and intensify its efforts for the adoption and effective implementation of the acquis communautaire.

Cyprus, which has been divided since 1974, when Turkish troops invaded and occupied 37% of its territory, has been invited by the EU Copenhagen Council, along with other nine candidates, to join the EU.


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