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Kasoulides says nothing definite about Annan visit
2003-02-12 09:28:14

Larnaca, Feb 11 (CNA) - Minister of Foreign Affairs Ioannis Kasoulides said here today that UN Secretary General Kofi Annan may visit Cyprus but was not in a position to confirm such a trip.

Speaking on his departure for France, Kasoulides said Annan might submit a third plan for the solution of the Cyprus problem, adding that he did not expect the UN to stir the equilibrium or philosophy of their document.|

Kasoulides noted that ''Annan may visit Cyprus, as he already has plans to visit Greece and Turkey'', adding that the UN chief's schedule is such that a trip to Cyprus on February 26 might take place.

''However, so far I do not have an official position that he will be coming, it is possible that he will come'', the Minister said.

He added that ''it is highly likely that a new revised plan will be submitted but it is even more likely that it will not''.

''Our side will have to be ready to seriously handle the event of being faced with dilemmas, which we must tackle in a responsible manner, as we did in Copenhagen, so that there are no repercussions on our side'', he said.

Kasoulides added that ''it is rather unlikely for the Cyprus problem to be solved by February 28'', a target date set by Annan in a revised settlement plan submitted to the two sides in Cyprus in December 2002. The original plan was submitted in November 2002 for a solution of the problem of Cyprus, divided since 1974 when Turkey invaded and occupied its northern third.

The Minister is flying to France to participate in a campaign organised by the country's Prime Minister, with the participation of members of French cabinet and ministers of the countries acceding to the EU.

Kasoulides said the campaign aims at the French public opinion, in order to promote EU enlargement and the debate on the future of Europe.

The Minister is expected home on Friday 14.

Cyprus has been invited by the 2002 Copenhagen European Council to join the EU, along with other nine countries.


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