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Talks on security end, no new date set
2003-02-22 17:22:49

Constantinople, Feb 21 (CNA) - Talks between delegations from Greece and Turkey on security and guarantees in Cyprus ended in Ankara today without a specific result.

Greek sources referred to the intransigence of the Turkish side both on the procedure and the substance of the talks, the first to be carried out.

The same sources said the Turkish side reiterated its positions and gave the impression it is not ready to negotiate in a serious manner. The sources further said the UN chief's Special Adviser on Cyprus Alvaro de Soto refused to participate in the talks.|

According to the Greek sources, the Turkish delegation stressed the significance it attaches to maintaining the Treaty of Guarantee, making it clear that it will not negotiate the right to undertake unilateral action in Cyprus.

It favoured the stationing of a large number of forces in Cyprus, around 10 thousand men, and appeared negative to the proposal by the head of the Greek delegation who supported the gradual withdrawal of troops until their full withdrawal when Turkey becomes a member of the European Union.

The two sides had decided to continue the talks although a new meeting was not scheduled.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkey invaded and occupied its northern third. UN-led talks are underway to reach a settlement by February 28, a target date set by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.


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