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Cyprus FM Says General Affairs Council Text Satisfying
2001-12-11 16:28:19

Brussels, Dec 11 (CNA) -- Cyprus Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides described as "especially satisfying" the reference to Cyprus included in the General Affairs Council text on EU enlargement.

Speaking to CNA tonight from Brussels, Kasoulides said the General Affairs Council has approved the relevant text to be presented to the European Council Summit at Laeken on December 14-15, adding that the paragraph on Cyprus is "especially satisfying" since "it calls on the two sides to work in search of a solution according to the relevant UN resolutions and welcomes the meetings held on 4 and 5 December between Clerides and Denktash."|

He added the Cyprus side is also especially satisfied since the text calls on the two sides on the island to seize the opportunity and solve the Cyprus problem before the end of the accession negotiations and says that in case there is no solution at the moment of the conclusion of the accession negotiations then the Helsinki decision will apply.

It also calls on the two sides to take into account that all provisions of a future political settlement should be in accordance with the principles on which the EU has been founded".

Kasoulides added that the text is "especially satisfying and especially timely under the circumstances, particularly the reference to UN resolutions, the Helsinki conclusions (that the political problem will not be an obstacle to EU membership) and that a solution should be based on the principles the EU itself is based on."

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