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Spokesman: President Goes to Talks to Negotiate, Not to Give Ultimatums
2001-12-11 16:29:55

Nicosia, Dec 11 (CNA) -- President Glafcos Clerides will go to next month's direct talks with the expressed purpose of engaging in a give-and-take process, within the framework of Security Council resolutions, and not to give an ultimatum, his spokesman Michalis Papapetrou said here today.

The spokesman also said that over the years the Greek Cypriot side has made far more possible concessions than the Turkish side.

"President Clerides has said right from the start he would go to the January talks to negotiate in a give-and-take process, as defined by Security Council resolutions," Papapetrou said, adding that in this sense the government agrees with remarks by US State Department Special Coordinator for Cyprus Thomas Weston, who pointed to the need for mutual concessions.|

The spokesman said that anyone going to talks and claiming that proposals he submitted were his last word is simply not honest with himself.

"Such a person is not at the talks to negotiate but to give an ultimatum and President Clerides does not intend to give any ultimatums, he goes to negotiate," Papapetrou said.

He added "the Greek Cypriot side has covered an infinitely longer distance of the possible concessions it can make than the Turkish side."

Papapetrou expressed satisfaction with Weston's statements that the basis of the talks has not changed.

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