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Turkish Cypriot leader slammed by press over property rights
2003-03-06 14:01:31

Nicosia, Mar 6 (CNA) -- Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktash was slammed by an opposition paper in Turkish-occupied Cyprus for the illegal tactics he has applied to usurp property owned by the state, the Republic of Cyprus.

The daily ''Yeni Duzen'' carried front page reports over the past few days saying that Denktash has taken ''possession'' of a small island, off Cyprus' northern coast, called ''Snake Island'', where Turkish troops first landed in the summer of 1974 to launch their invasion of Cyprus.|

The first "Yeni Duzen" report, entitled ''Why not an inch of territory is to be given back, why peace is denied'', said Denktash was ''granted ownership'' of the island by his illegal regime in occupied Cyprus in return for his property in the southern government-controlled part of the Republic.

The paper says Denktash was one of the first to have been given a ''title deed'' in July 1986 and noted that the area is a military zone, closed to the public.

Denktash, according to "Yeni Duzen", has built a huge mansion on the island.

The Turkish Cypriot daily names Denktash's wife and other relatives as ''having gained'' property in occupied Cyprus and wonders if any other Turkish Cypriot would have had the same chance to get land the size of the territory that Denktash has managed to usurp.


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