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Klosson: The future belongs not to terrorists
2003-03-06 14:05:45

Nicosia, Mar 6 (CNA) -- ''The future belongs not to terrorists, but to those who dream of the freedom to live together in a peaceful, prosperous and democratic world,'' US Ambassador in Nicosia Michael Klosson has said.

He was speaking at the opening here last night of the Joel Meyerowitz exhibition entitled ''After September 11: Images from Ground Zero,'' a collection of photographs which ''portrays the catastrophic destruction wrought by the terrorist attacks, documents the recovery efforts, and highlights the threat terrorism poses to us all.''|

Noting that it has been almost eighteen months now since ''terrorists crashed a passenger aircraft into the World Trade Center and killed thousands of innocent people,'' the US Ambassador said that the tragedy shook the New York City, the whole world and also had a direct impact on Cyprus with the loss of Cypriot-American Michael Tarou.

Referring to the artist, an award-winning photographer, Klosson said that ''just a few days after the attacks, the Museum of the City of New York asked Mr. Meyerowitz to create a photographic record of Ground Zero'' and unprecedented access to the site was given to him ''from right after the attack through the search and recovery phases.''

''This exhibit is a memorial to our efforts to overcome those attacks, to the heroism of rescue workers who responded to those attacks and to the unity of people around the world who found in their collective horror a common determination to stop such attacks,'' the US Ambassador said.

Noting the accomplishments in the fight against terrorism, Klosson said that Afghanistan is no longer under the control of terrorists, that worldwide over three thousand terrorist suspects have been detained in over 100 countries and that over 165 countries have blocking orders in force against terrorist assets.

But, he added, ''more needs to be done. No country can afford to mount less than an all-out effort.''

CNA KN/GP/2003

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