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Cyprus government condemns T/C "arrests"
2003-03-27 14:16:02

Nicosia, Mar 26 (CNA) -- The Cyprus government condemns efforts by Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktash to suppress any opposite view among Turkish Cypriots, said here Wednesday Government Spokesman Kypros Chrisostomides, commenting on the "arrest" of Turkish Cypriots who were trying to carry out a referendum on Monday on the Annan plan for a Cyprus settlement.

"We condemn Denktash's efforts to suppress any opposite view", said Chrisostomides when asked about the "arrest" of six Turkish Cypriots by so- called "policemen" of the Denktash regime.|

Asked whether the government favours the holding of a referendum in the occupied areas on the Annan plan, he said the government has not expressed any view on the issue since the procedure is internal.

He said Denktash's attitude towards the UN is not helpful and explained that the UN cannot offer any help to Turkish Cypriots as regards this issue since it does not recognise the illegal regime and its so called "institutions".

Chrisostomides said Denktash's positions remain the same he (Denktash) continues to insist on changing the fundamental aspects of the Annan plan.

"He maintains an attitude which is not conducive to efforts to solve the Cyprus problem", the Spokesman added.

The Government Spokesman said the positions of the Greek Cypriot side remain the same, noting there is no room to misinterpret them, especially now that delicate efforts are underway for the report to the Security Council on Cyprus.

He reiterated that an overall package of measures for Turkish Cypriots is being examined and will be ready the soonest. The aim, he said, will be to help Turkish Cypriots remain in the occupied areas.

Chrisostomides said that negotiations to complete the package are underway and an exchange of views with the European Union will take place, if necessary, either before or after 16 April 2003, when Cyprus signs the Accession Treaty.


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