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US Ambassador: Heavy anti-tactics against T/C not understood
2003-03-27 15:30:48

Nicosia, Mar 26 (CNA) -- It is hard to understand how a peaceful assembly and a peaceful expression of views is met by rather heavy anti-tactics, US Ambassador to Cyprus said here today when invited to comment on the "arrest" by the occupation regime of Turkish Cypriots, who were trying to carry out a referendum on Tuesday on the Annan plan for a Cyprus settlement.

''I am still trying to get some additional information on exactly what happened and what the grounds used to justify this kind of reaction. But I think if people are engaged in peaceful expression of their views it is hard to understand how that merits these kind of heavy anti-tacticts,'' Klosson said speaking after his first meeting here with new Labour and Social Insurance Minister Iakovos Keravnos.|

Asked about the briefing of the Security Council by UN Secretary General's special adviser on Cyprus Alvaro De Soto on developments in Cyprus, Klosson said today the SC five permanent members will be briefed, adding that ''we would expect that the full SC should meet in the not too distant future, sometime in early April, and at that point receive the report of Secretary General and then sort of decide the way forward.''

Klosson stressed ''the US has been obviously strongly committed to seeking a just and durable solution and we strongly support the SG's good offices mission.''

On his meeting with Keravnos, he said they had a really interesting and constructive conversation and he heard with interest the Minister's priorities.

''We talked about international economic developments. We covered a lot of the economic and commercial relations between the US and Cyprus. We touched a bit on the continued interest the US has in seeking a solution to the Cyprus problem. There was an excellent first conversation and I look forward to many future opportunities to continue it,'' Klosson said.

Keravnos said he briefed Klosson on his priorities and Cyprus' harmonisation with the acquis communautaire regarding the issues handled by the Labour and Social Insurance Ministry.

''We also had the opportunity to exchange views on issues of common interest regarding the Ministry's cooperation with the Embassy and the US and other more general issues of common interest and on tourism issues. We also exchanged views on our national problem, how we move forward, what we are expecting,'' he added.


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