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UN Humanitarian Office doing its best to deliver aid to Iraq
2003-03-27 16:04:55

Larnaca, Mar 27 (CNA) - The UN is trying its best to deliver humanitarian aid to the Iraqi people, Sonya Dumont, Information Officer for the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said here Thursday.

She told reporters in the coastal town of Larnaca, where the 200 UN staff of the Humanitarian Office have been staying since March 18 when they were evacuated from Baghdad, that they are on the island ''to organise contingency plans for aid to the Iraqi people''.|

''Here we are so far 200 persons working on coordinating the support to the Iraqi people with more than 24 UN agencies and NGOs, ICRC is here as well, to help us in the operation for aid to the Iraqi people'', she said.

Dumont reminded that that 3,400 national UN staff were ''still working on a daily basis'' in Iraq ''to help the people from the north to the south''.

Asked if any food was getting to the people, Dumont said that before they were evacuated ''food had been distributed in advance for the Iraqi people'' and ''estimates were that people would have food for a period of six weeks''.

She said ''sixty percent of the population relies solely on the food basket which falls on the Oil for Food programme''.

''Now of course everyone is concerned with the overall situation and everyone at the UN is trying its best to deliver humanitarian aid to the people'', Dumont added.

''We were the last ones to go. We have been living with these people, myself for two years, so we know them very well and all our thoughts are with them at the moment'', she noted.


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