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Iacovou: No other document can be incorporated into Accession Treaty
2003-03-31 13:31:17

Nicosia, Mar 28 (CNA) -- There is no possibility any document to be incorporated in the Accession Treaty of the Republic of Cyprus to the European Union, Cyprus Foreign Minister Georgios Iacovou said here today.

He was speaking after meeting with the ambassadors to Cyprus of the permanent members of the UN Security Council, in view of the report of the UN Secretary-General's Special Adviser on Cyprus, Alvaro de Soto, to the Security Council.

Iacovou said it has not been decided yet whether there will be a public debate at the Security Council on Cyprus and whether a resolution or statement by the Council President will be pursued.

The Cypriot minister plans to meet on Monday with the ambassadors of three more members of the Security Council.|

Regarding his contacts with foreign diplomats, Iacovou said his impression is that "we are at a stage where we are waiting and nothing specific has been decided". However, he said he believes that a resolution will be submitted and the Council will not be limited to a mere statement by its President.

The Foreign Minister said both the report of the Secretary General and a resolution should "cast responsibility to the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot side for the collapse of the talks".

He said Nicosia "remains firm in its original position, what we anticipate from the initiative which began in 1999, that nothing is binding unless there is agreement on everything".

Asked if the Greek Cypriot side would not welcome a change of the conditions of the Secretary-General's mandate from mission of good offices to that of a mediator, Iacovou replied ?if the Security Council believes that the Secretary- General's mandate is lacking and would like to change it, we will express our views".

"Our position is that the UN Secretary-General offers his mission of good offices to both sides", adding that "mission of good offices does not mean mediation".

Regarding a possible scenario of incorporating the Annan plan into the EU Accession Treaty, the minister was categorical. "There is no possibility of incorporating any other document into the Accession Treaty. There is no legal procedure that allows that", he said.

"Whether there will be reference or not to a resolution, this is just rumours at the moment", noting that both he and the island's Permanent Representative at the UN and Cyprus embassies worldwide were having contacts "in an effort to influence in our favour the governments and therefore the Security Council."

The Cypriot minister said he does not believe the situation in Iraq would affect the Security Council resolution on Cyprus.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkish troops invaded and occupied 37 percent of the island's territory.


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