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Embassy News

US ambassador pleased with police response over Molotov incident
2003-03-31 14:10:08

Nicosia, Mar 31 (CNA) -- US Ambassador to Cyprus Michael Klosson has expressed his satisfaction with the way the Cypriot police force handled the incident with the Molotov cocktail bomb this morning against the US Embassy in Nicosia.

Speaking after a meeting with Minister of the Interior Andreas Christou, the US Ambassador said ''there was a Molotov cocktail bomb thrown at the Embassy and hit the outside wall in the back'', adding that ''there was no damage to the Embassy property and no Embassy personnel were injured''.|

''We are very pleased with the effective and quick police response'', he said.

Replying to questions, Klosson said ''the police will make an assessment and determine what is necessary'', adding that ''the security around the Embassy has stepped up considerably in the last couple of months''.

Earlier, Police arrested a young man for allegedly throwing a Molotov cocktail bomb at the Embassy.

Referring to his meeting with the Minister, Klosson said he congratulated Christou on his appointment and discussed a number of areas he has responsibility for, including immigration policy and the control of Cyprus' borders.

''We also talked a little bit about the global problem of trafficking in persons and I noted that the US is very interested in this and the State Department has been tasked by our Congress to prepare reports on this and in our recent report we were commending on the additional steps Cyprus has taken over the past year to deal with this global issue'', Klosson said.

Replying to questions, Klosson said the issue of Iraq ''did not come up today''.


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