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Embassy News

Government condemns Molotov cocktail bomb incident
2003-03-31 14:19:00

Nicosia, Mar 31 (CNA) - The government of Cyprus ''condemns yesterday's attempt by a Cypriot to cause damage to the US embassy by using a bottle that contained a flammable liquid'', Government Spokesman Kypros Chrisostomides says in a written statement.

He adds that ''such actions neither promote the interests of the country nor respond to the demands of the European nature of our country or civilisation''.|

Chrisostomides urges all citizens to refrain from such actions that ''expose us internationally'' and praised the Police's ''immediate and effective intervention that led to the arrest of one suspect''.

A Police bulletin issued this afternoon notes that a 26-year-old man from Limassol was arrested in the early hours today in connection with the incident.

The bulletin adds that the 26-year-old appears to have thrown a glass bottle containing a flammable liquid at the south exterior wall of the embassy.

The man, who was arrested by the guard officers on duty, said it was ''an unfortunate reaction on the spur of the moment''.

The Police add that ''the US embassy has expressed its satisfaction with the immediate response of the Cyprus Police regarding the specific case and the general security measures taken in the area''.


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