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National Council reviews developments
2003-04-02 14:32:40

Nicosia, Apr 2 (CNA) -- The National Council, the top advisory body to the President on the Cyprus question, reviewed today the latest developments in the Cyprus problem following the collapse of the UN-led peace effort in anticipation of next week's report on the matter by the UN Secretary General.

Speaking after today's two-hour long Council meeting, Government Spokesman Kypros Chrisostomides said ''parliamentary parties, members of the Council, outlined their views and positions on future strategy and tactics.''|

''The Council discussed information and assessments the government is receiving with regard to the discussion of the Secretary General's report at the Security Council,'' he added, but refrained from further comment.

He said the government wants to see a continuation of the interest of the Security Council and see Kofi Annan's good offices mission carry on.

Replying to questions, he recalled Annan's statement after the collapse of the peace talks last month that this was the end of the road of this particular attempt and that he would be at the disposal of the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot sides if they consider his contribution useful.

''This does not satisfy us. We want something further than that and we want the discussion and the efforts for a solution to remain in the UN framework,'' he pointed out.

Chrisostomides said the Council was also briefed about policy matters towards the Turkish Cypriots which a ministerial committee is currently considering. The committee will submit the measures to the Cabinet and subsequently to the National Council.

The government has said that it is preparing a package of measures, mainly for the economic support of the Turkish Cypriots, which it wishes to announce if possible prior to the signing of the Accession Treaty.

''We discussed the overall policy and the fact that these measures should be communicated to the European Union for discussion in order to secure their implementation without hindrance,'' the spokesman added.

He said that cooperation with the Turkish Cypriots is ''desirable'' and noted that Turkish Cypriots are ''our natural allies in the effort to find a settlement and end the Turkish occupation.''


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