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Anastasiades to attend EPP plenary in Strasbourg
2003-04-04 11:50:16

Nicosia, Apr 4 (CNA) - Democratic Rally President Nicos Anastasiades has been invited by the European People's Party (EPP) to attend the plenary of the European Parliament on 9 April in Strasbourg, which will vote for the accession of ten new countries to the European Union, including Cyprus.

Anastasiades has been invited to address the plenary of the EPP Parliamentary Group, which is the largest in the European Parliament, according to an EPP statement.

In his address to the 233 EPP Euro MPs, Anastasiades will ''refer to the collapse of The Hague talks on Cyprus due to the Turkish intransigence and prospects to solve the problem after the signing of the Accession Treaty on 16 April'', the statement adds.|

Anastasiades will meet EPP-ED Group leader Hans-Gert Poettering, chairman of the European Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, Common Security and Defence Policy, Elmar Brok, and Greek New Democracy Euro MPs.

Meanwhile, Anastasiades, who is in Athens for the conference of the chairmen of EU Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committees, the European Parliament and the acceding countries, said that a country's stance should not be determined by the callous logic of national interests or external factors.

Our criteria, he said during his intervention at the conference, ''must be the way we will handle the challenges of the 21st century, contributing to world peace, security and stability''.

Anastasiades said the multi-party system of security and international balance have been affected, because of the issues affecting the world, resulting with the EU's inability to table a unified and consistent position on what is going on.

He called on Europe to prove that it is not only a strong, economic coalition but, based on its tradition of freedom, respect of human rights and justice, to play a role which is worthy of its history and traditions.

For this reason, its Common Foreign, Defence and Security Policy should be strengthened and dialogue between the EU and Arabic and Islamic countries should be further encouraged, he added.


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