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Spokesman says EU accession running smoothly
2003-04-08 10:07:02

Nicosia, Apr 8 (CNA) -- Government Spokesman Kypros Chrisostomides said Cyprus' European Union accession course was proceeding smoothly, adding that statements by Greek Prime Minister Costas Simitis clarify that the Cyprus problem should remain within the context of the United Nations.|

Invited to make an assessment of the island's EU course, Chrisostomides said it was ''proceeding smoothly'', adding that on April 16 the Accession Treaty would be signed in Athens and ''there are no problems''.

He noted that a statement made by Simitis yesterday ''clarifies that the Cyprus problem remains and should remain within the framework of the United Nations''.

Chrisostomides quoted Simitis, who said ''the line dividing Nicosia also divides Turkey and Brussels''.

Turkish troops have been occupying 37 per cent of Cyprus territory since 1974, in violation of repeated UN resolutions calling for their withdrawal.


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