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Signing of Accession Treaty a ''historic'' moment
2003-04-09 14:53:20

Nicosia, Apr 9 (CNA) -- President Tassos Papadopoulos has described next week's signing of the Accession Treaty ''a big and historic moment which leaves an indelible mark on the future of Cyprus.''

He expressed the hope that this will create the right circumstances that would revert the current status quo in Cyprus and act as a catalyst towards a peaceful, lasting, viable and just political settlement to the benefit of all Cypriots.

The President's statement on the signing of the Accession Treaty to join the European Union was issued today, after the Cabinet had given him the green light to sign the document on 16 April, in Athens.

''The signing of the Accession Treaty is a big and historic moment which seals indelibly the course of Cyprus towards the future. At the same time it is the culmination of a monumental effort by the Cypriot society, and marks Cyprus' official acceptance to the family it belongs geographically, historically, culturally, economically and politically,'' Papadopoulos' statement said.

''This historic achievement assumes an even bigger clout if one looks at it through the special circumstances of Cyprus, the drama of the invasion and the continuing Turkish occupation of part of our country with all the serious repercussions this entails,'' it said.

''Not only has Cyprus pulled through the cataclysmic fallout of the occupation but today it is achieving, in spite of huge difficulties and obstacles raised on its way, with hard work, insistence and patience, the goal of accession,'' the President pointed out.

He said that Cyprus ''aims at creating those conditions that would revert the fait accompli of the occupation and that would act as a catalyst for a peaceful, permanent, viable, workable and just solution of the Cyprus question to the benefit of all Cypriots but also to the benefit of peace, security and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean.''

As he read his statement during today's Cabinet meeting, the President also said that Greece's assistance and support to achieve this goal was ''decisive''.

He thanked the Greek government, the political leadership and the people of Greece.

Papadopoulos thanked also the member states of the EU, the Commission and the European Parliament.

The Cabinet approved the text of the Accession Treaty, authorised the President and Foreign Minister George Iacovou to sign the Treaty, asked Iacovou to table the Treaty to the House for ratification and invited the Attorney General to prepare a study on the amendments needed to the Republic's Constitution.|

CNA MM/GP/2003

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