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T/C disappointed because a divided Cyprus joins the EU
2003-04-16 11:56:09

by Maria Koniotou-- Athens, Apr 16 (CNA) -- The Turkish Cypriot community is disappointed by the fact that Cyprus joins the EU without being reunified, Hasan Kahvecioglou, journalist of Turkish Cypriot daily ''Ortam'' told CNA.

Kahvecioglou and other four Turkish Cypriot journalists of ''Kibris'' and ''Kibrisli'' dailies, Genc TV and SIM FM radio, are here to cover the Informal European Council, the signature of the Accession Treaty and the European Conference.

''We are all journalists who support Cyprus' EU membership. We try to inform the Turkish Cypriot community because there is a huge support among the community regarding the EU membership of Cyprus as a whole and we would like Turkish Cypriots to take part in this process and to take part in this new membership but unfortunately the status quo in Turkey and especially Mr. (Rauf) Denktash, the leader of the T/C community, are not acting in a parallel way with the community,'' Kahvecioglou added.|

They, he said, ''have always been against EU membership so that is why there is a great struggle there (in the Turkish-occupied Cyprus), there are great demonstrations, there and now I think Turkish Cypriots who have lost their hopes and there is great disappointment.''

''We are saying that until 2004 we have another chance to reunite Cyprus,'' Kahvecioglou added.

Invited to comment the fact that Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul will not be present, as it was made known, to the ceremony of the signing of the Accession Treaty, because his country does not recognise the Republic of Cyprus, the Turkish Cypriot journalist said ''that was meaningless and a catastrophy for Turkey.''

''There is a great struggle in Turkey nowadays between the status quo and the government of the AKP (Justice and Development Party) ruling party but unfortunately the AKP has no real initiative to solve the problem. This time under the shadow of the status quo Gul cannot act as he thinks. The status quo has a great role on them,'' Kahvecioglou added.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkish troops invaded and occupied 37 of its territory. Despite UN Secretary General's efforts for the reunification of the island before its accession to the EU, this was not achieved as Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktash continued to express his demand for two separate states on the island.


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