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Cyprus EU accession is of vital importance, says House President
2003-04-17 09:43:02

by Maria Koniotou-- Athens, Apr 17 (CNA) -- Cyprus' EU accession is of vital importance given the longstanding Turkish occupation of the island, Cyprus House of Representatives President Demetris Christofias told CNA here today.

Christofias, who attended yesterday the historic ceremony of the signing of the Treaty of Accession to the European Union, noted that EU accession is the most important event after the island's independence from British colonial rule. |

''Accession will seriously change our lives in the political, social and economic sectors, and this is something we have not yet realised,'' the Cypriot official added.

He stressed the need to make use of Cyprus' new role as an EU member in the efforts to find a solution of the island's political problem.

Christofias expressed the hope that Turkey would make productive of the perspective that is created, even if until this moment Ankara continues its intransigence concerning the Cyprus problem.

Cyprus, together with nine other countries, will be a fully-fledged EU member on 1 May 2004.


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