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Government announces package of measures for Turkish Cypriots
2003-04-30 16:37:20

Nicosia, Apr 30 (CNA) - The government of Cyprus announced here Wednesday its new policy on Turkish Cypriots as well as a package of measures for the Turkish Cypriots, which was discussed and finalised today by the Council of Ministers.

Government Spokesman Kypros Chrisostomides said the government's main concern is that the introduction of the measures, given the continued non-solution of the Cyprus problem, provides those Turkish Cypriots who live in the occupied areas the ability to enjoy the rights and benefits which the Republic of Cyprus grants to its citizens.

He said all measures would be implemented within the framework of international law and the acquis communautaire.

Chrisostomides said the measures could not be interpreted as constituting a danger in acknowledging the secessionist entity or accepting its existence or helping in any way the illegal entity in the occupied areas.

The measures cover the fields of transport, movement of goods, persons, vehicles, employment of Turkish Cypriots, participation in sport events, measures taken to help relatives of missing Turkish Cypriots as well as measures covering medical care, education, culture, telecommunications and others.

Asked to what extent the European Union was involved, Chrisostomides said it was particularly involved and noted that the measures do not conflict with the acquis communautaire.|

Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkey invaded and occupied its northern third.


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