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Government: occupation regime must respect human rights
2003-05-03 19:17:17

Nicosia, May 3 (CNA) -- The Foreign Ministry has asked the UN to make all necessary representations to the occupation regime in the Turkish occupied areas of the Republic to ensure respect of the human rights of Greek Cypriots entering those areas.

A Foreign Ministry press release said that following instructions from Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos, the Ministry ''has protested strongly and denounced to UNIFICYP as inhuman and humiliating the behaviour of the occupation regime towards a number of Greek Cypriots.''

The Foreign Ministry's actions came after an incident that occurred in the occupied areas, during which the so-called Turkish ''authorities'' entered a house of Greek Cypriot enclaved people in Ayia Triada village and forced their children and grandchildren who were visiting them to leave the house. The regime ordered the children and grandchildren to spend the night at a local hotel.|

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the press release said, has asked ''the UN to take all necessary action so that the Turkish side meets its obligations that emanate from the 1975 Third Vienna Agreement and the provisions of UN Security Council resolutions regarding the enclaved people.''

''The government is monitoring closely the behaviour of the occupation ’authorities’ towards Greek Cypriots, who visit their villages and ancestral homes in the occupied areas. It notes with regret and grave concern that in its effort to gain political advantages, the occupation regime does not hesitate to adopt behaviours, that violate the basic human rights and fundamental freedoms of the Greek Cypriots and insult human dignity'', the press release added.

It also noted, that ''the government is determined to exhaust all available means under the circumstances to secure the protection of the rights of Cypriot citizens that enter the Turkish occupied areas of the Republic of Cyprus''.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkish troops invaded and occupied one third of the island's territory.

Last week the Turkish regime in the occupied north decided to ease restrictions on free movement which it had imposed in 1974. This led thousands of Greek Cypriots to the occupied areas, in spite of hours of waiting at check points and other obstacles the regime had raised, to see their homes, they had not been allowed to see for nearly thirty years.


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