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Government rules out talk about opening Famagusta port
2003-05-05 18:46:46

Nicosia, May 5 (CNA) - Government Spokesman Kypros Chrisostomides said today the government has always demanded the return of the Turkish occupied town of Famagusta to its legal owners, in accordance with UN resolutions.

The Spokesman also said that the government rules out any discussion on the opening of Famagusta port and stressed that there should be no diversion from peace negotiations on the substance of the Cyprus problem to discussions on confidence building measures.|

''The Greek Cypriot side, the President of the Republic and the National Council reiterate their position that they are ready for direct negotiations on the substance of the Cyprus problem, as was our position in The Hague'', Chrisostomides said.

He added that ''no reasonable Cypriot, politician or civilian, could accept to see negotiations drifting from the substance of the Cyprus problem to simple confidence building measures''.

The spokesman said that ''the measures announced are an exercise of sovereignty of the legal government of the Republic of Cyprus and are addressed to the citizens and legal inhabitants of the Republic of Cyprus'', adding that ''no third party was asked for its opinion or consent''.

The government announced last week wide ranging measures for the Turkish Cypriots, including trade exchanges and job opportunities.


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