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Government promotes bill to amend vehicle regulations
2003-05-06 10:57:09

Nicosia, May 6 (CNA) - The Ministry of Communications and Works has submitted to the House of Representatives a bill amending vehicle regulations, to be passed urgently, so as to make possible the movement of Turkish Cypriot motorists in the government-controlled areas of the Republic.

The draft law, which was discussed this morning at the House Communications Committee, provides for the issuing of temporary driving licenses to Turkish Cypriots and temporary road tax for their vehicles.

The Committee will forward the bill to the plenary for approval. If it passes on Thursday, then on Saturday the Turkish Cypriots will be able to drive across the divide in their own vehicles.|

Minister of Communcations and Works Kyriakos Kazamias told the press after the Committee meeting that this arrangement had been decided by the National Council last week.

Kazamias said the chassis and engine numbers of the vehicles would be checked to make sure that the car for which a temporary movement license is requested is not stolen, did not belong to a Greek Cypriot or any other legal owner before the 1974 Turkish invasion of the island or is not on the list sent to the Police by Interpol.

He added that the cars coming over from the Turkish occupied areas would be insured and that five legally registered insurance companies operating in the Republic of Cyprus have shown an interest.

Greek and Turkish Cypriots have been crossing the divide since late April, when the Turkish occupation regime decided to ease the restrictions it had imposed on the free movement of persons.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkey invaded and occupied its northern third.


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