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European diplomat says reunited Cyprus a dream to come true
2003-05-09 12:01:48

Nicosia, May 9 (CNA) - Head of the European Commission delegation in Nicosia Adriaan Van der Meer said today that the dream of a reunited Cyprus would come true soon, adding that the accession of the island to the EU provided a new dynamism for a settlement.

Speaking after an event organised by the University of Cyprus, Van der Meer said ''we feel that through the European process, through the new dynamism, through the new catalytic incentives which are now playing a role that this almost automatically will have a positive effect to solve the Cyprus issue''.

''I am sure it will not be too long any more before the dream of a reunited island joining the Union will come true'', he added.

Asked if a settlement of the Cyprus problem was close, Van der Meer said ''no, for the moment you know how the situation is, we have new dynamism, new developments, we have seen the crossings, this has a very positive impact, this will lead to change and we have to work very hard to get the process back on track again''.

Invited to say what his message to the Turkish Cypriots was, Van der Meer said it is ''one of solidarity, of understanding, of full recognition and that we know that they want to become part of our family as soon as possible''.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkey invaded and occupied its northern third.


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