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Dimitriou says Fair rehearsal for full EU membership
2003-05-23 13:47:44

Nicosia, May 22 (CNA) - The 28th Cyprus International Fair is viewed by its Board as the final rehearsal for the island's full membership of the EU in May 2004, Chairman of the Cyprus State Fairs Authority Jacovos Dimitriou said today, adding that through accession the exhibitions will be established as a bridge for promoting European trade and economic ties with the Middle East.

In an address at the official opening of the Fair, Dimitriou said ''Cyprus' European identity is evident in both organisational and other characteristics of the exhibition''.|

He noted that ''in the new period, prospects are opened for our International Fair to widen its scope and we look forward to speedy development, both qualitative and quantitative, by capitalising on our new role as a trade centre and the meeting point of enterprises in the eastern end of a united Europe''.

''With our accession to the big European family, the Cyprus International Fair and our other exhibition activities will be established as a bridge for promoting European trade and economic cooperation between the big European market with the Middle East area and encouraging prospects are opened not only for our country, our economy and our enterprises, but also for our commercial partners with the utilisation of our new potentials'', he added.

Dimitriou said that in view of Cyprus EU accession in May next year, ''we see the 28th Cyprus international Fair as the final rehearsal of our new role and with this criterion we proceed with our plans''.

Referring to the exhibitors, he said Greece, the Czech Republic, France, Israel, Italy, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Syria and the United States are participating with official state pavilions, and that another 20 countries are present through their local representatives''.

A total of 40,000 square metres is covered in exhibition space with most evident the participation of local production and services and a global presence of foreign production and services sector, he added.

Concluding his speech, Dimitriou said that on the occasion of the 28th Cyprus International Fair, its Board decided to honour the former Presidents of the Republic, the House of Representatives and the Greek government, as ''protagonists of the great effort for the accession of the Republic to the EU''.


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