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Cyprus' preparation for accession, ''well on track'', Verheugen says
2003-06-17 09:15:20

Nicosia, Jun 17, (CNA) -- EU Commissioner for Enlargement Gunther Verheugen said here today that Cyprus is well prepared for full membership of the EU and its process for the implementation of the aquis communautaire is ''well on track''.

In his remarks to the press after a meeting with Takis Hadjidemetriou, Head of Cyprus' Accession Negotiations with the EU, Verheugen said that he is ''impressed by the work already done for implementing EU's rules''. |

He added that although there are some delays in the harmonisation process, ''there is a clear and strong will to catch up very soon''.

''It is our common understanding that we will continue with the preparations of the implementation in such a way that the final report due to come in November will be positive'', he pointed out.

On his part, Hadjidemetriou briefed EU Commissioner on Cyprus' work for the harmonisation process and reassured that the implementation of the aquis communitaure remains top priority for Cyprus.

''Cyprus will be ready for accession, well before May 1st 2004'', he remarked.

During the meeting, Hadjidemetriou noted that there is strong will and interest on behalf of all political parties and both the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities for accession to the EU.

''In Cyprus there are now unifying factors, such as the common effort for solving the Cyprus problem and for acceding to the EU'', Hadjidemetriou said.


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