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Spokesman notes reaction of Turkish Cypriot politicians
2003-08-12 09:49:47

Nicosia, Aug 12 (CNA) -- The government has taken note of critical remarks by Turkish Cypriot politicians on a so-called framework agreement for a customs union between Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot regime, in occupied Cyprus.

The government has also noted the scathing comments this move by Ankara has received in the Turkish press, which has described it ''a scandal for foreign policy.''

''Turkey has made a wrong move in referring to a ‘customs union agreement’ without taking into account European rules and regulations,'' Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides has said.|

He said Turkey has essentially signed an agreement with itself, since the regime in occupied Cyprus is a local subordinate administration to Ankara.

''I am confident that Turkey will be faced with its illegal occupation of Cyprus in its accession course to Europe. Ankara is in a direct collision course with international law and order and EU regulations,'' the spokesman added.

Chrysostomides referred to statements made by Ali Erel, president of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce and Industry who said the ''framework agreement'' is a manoeuvre by Turkey to give its backing to Denktash in the forthcoming so-called elections in occupied Cyprus in December.

The Spokesman also referred to remarks by Mustafa Akinci, leader of the Movement for Peace and Democracy, that Turkey will be called to sign the actual customs union in May 2004 with the Republic of Cyprus, when the latter joins the EU.

Mehmet Ali Talat, leader of the Turkish Republican Party, said the so-called agreement will put Turkey in a tight corner.

The Spokesman said editorials in the Turkish press referred to the ''agreement'' as a fiasco and a scandal, which will go down in history as a government gaffe.

On Friday Turkey and the Denktash regime signed a “framework agreement for a customs union”, instead of the actual agreement for a customs union as they had originally announced.


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