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Russian Ambassador: Solution to Cyprus problem long overdue
2003-08-18 09:22:14

Nicosia, Aug 18 (CNA) – Russia believes that the solution of the Cyprus problem is long overdue and eventually justice will prevail and the island will be reunited according to UN resolutions.

“The Cypriot people know very well our principled position on the Cyprus problem. We consider the solution of the problem long overdue, the country is too small to be divided and we hope very much that eventually justice will prevail and the country will become united in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions” and all other resolutions adopted in the past 29 years, Russia’s Ambassador in Nicosia Vladimir Pavlinov said today.|

He was speaking to the press after accepting a resolution by the Mayor of occupied Morphou municipality, condemning the Turkish invasion and occupation of the island’s northern third.

Asked if Russia will start a new initiative along with the US and the EU, Pavlinov said “we have been playing an active role since the beginning. We were active in discussing the problem and trying to push through the restart or the continuation of the negotiations for 29 years and we still have our special representative for Cyprus which other countries do not have”.

Pavlinov said the non-solution of the problem “does not bring stability to this part of the world, the eastern Mediterranean and it will be for the benefit of all here, not only for Cypriots, both Greek and Turks, but also for Greece and Turkey''.

Asked if he has information that the US will start a new initiative for a Cyprus solution before 1st May 2004 when Cyprus joins the EU, Pavlinov said he did not have any such information.

“I only know that the UN Secretary General is ready or will be ready to start his good offices provided that all sides show genuine will to solve the problem on the basis of his plan”, the Russian Ambassador added.

Referring to a peace proposal on a comprehensive settlement put forward by Annan, he said that ''the plan can be a good foundation for restarting negotiations. Negotiations can restart on the basis of the Anan plan whatever improvements” are made.

Pavlinov also said he will communicate the Morphou Municipality resolution to Moscow.


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