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Izzet Izcan accuses the Turkish occupation army
2003-08-28 11:12:03

Turkish Cypriot daily ORTAM (28.08.03) reports that the co-ordinator of the Peace and Democracy Movement, Mr Izzet Izcan, yesterday made statements during his participation in a live programme on local KIBRIS FM radio.

Mr Izcan called on all the Turkish Cypriot political forces which support peace and accession of Cyprus to the EU to sign a co-operation protocol and stressed that the Peace and Democracy Movement is ready, adding:

?If Mr Talat too is ready let us sign immediately and give the Turkish Cypriots the expected message of co-operation on 1st September, World Peace Day, in a strong manner?.

Mr Izcan further said that the Turkish Cypriot leader, Mr Rauf Denktas and the supporters of the non-solution every passing day and on every opportunity attack the supporters of peace and accession to the EU and call them traitors and spread propaganda that Turkey will stop sending money if the opposition wins the elections.

Mr Izcan went on saying that the supporters of the status quo are using the occupation army and bureaucrats to influence the Turkish Cypriots, and stressed:

?When we went to Lapithos village, the villagers who gathered there told us: `Officers of the Unit for Relations with the public of the Security Forces visited us and asked about our needs. And while Denktas is trying to influence the public by organizing a so-called economic summit in the Karpass Peninsula with the (Turkish) ambassador and the commander by his side, nobody should turn a blind eye?.

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