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Denktash: USA and Britain support the opposition
2003-08-29 10:53:58

According to the Turkish Cypriot daily AFRIKA newspaper (29.08.03), the Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktas, who is currently in Istanbul ,Turkey for various contacts, has claimed that as long as the Treaty of Guaranty exists Cyprus? entry into the EU without Turkey?s membership is out of question .

He went on and added that the occupied area could enter into the EU only when the EU satisfies Turkey and Turkey tells the Turkish Cypriots that ?do not worry, nothing will change from the guarantee and I am ready to defend you?.

Denktas further alleged that Britain as guarantor power failed to protect the Turkish Cypriots for the last forty years and that he is in contact with lawyers in order to open a law suit against the British government. He claimed that the British parliament has no right to approve Cyprus? accession to the EU.

Alleging that the USA and Britain want the opposition to win the so- called December elections in the pseudo-state because they do not want Turkish troops in Cyprus, Denktas added that these two want to use Cyprus for their own interest as military base against the Arab countries in the oil trade.

Speaking to private TV channel ?Sky Turk? in Istanbul, Denktas claimed that in case the EU recognizes the two ?states? in Cyprus then Cyprus could unite within the EU.

When asked what he will do if the news that in case the opposition wins the so-called elections they will remove him from the past of negotiator, Denktas replied that he will continue as ?president? and will try to prevent possible dangers that might come up.

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