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Occupied Areas: 66.6% support the Annan Plan
2003-08-29 11:03:15

Turkish Cypriot newspapers KIBRIS, YENI DUZEN, KIBRISLI and ORTAM (29.08.03) publish the results of a public opinion poll conducted by the research company KADEM (Cyprus Communal Research and Consultancy Training Centre) for the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Trade regarding the forthcoming ?elections? in December 2003.

The survey was conducted between 13-23 August and 893 persons, above the age of 18, participated in it. According to the poll, the 66.6% of the respondents believes that the ?most reasonable way? of the solution to the Cyprus problem is a solution based on the Annan plan and that the most important problem in the occupied areas of Cyprus is the unemployment, with 44%.

Meanwhile the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Trade is conducting a second more extensive survey with 1600 participants regarding the political parties in the occupied areas of Cyprus. The results of this public opinion poll will be announced on 1st September.

Turkish Cypriot newspaper KIBRILSI announces the results with the banner headlines: ?THE END of the status quo!?

According to KIBRIS, the Chairman of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Trade, Mr Ali Erel, commenting on the results of the survey said: ?It shows that the 75% of the respondents wants a change in the political scene!?

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