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Cyprus protests Turkish violations to UN
2003-08-29 11:08:53

United Nations, Aug 29 (CNA) ? Cyprus? Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Andreas Mavroyiannis, in a letter to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, protested the violations of Nicosia flight information region (FIR) and the Republic's national airspace in July and August by Turkish military aircraft.

In a letter to Annan, Mavroyiannis draws the Secretary General's attention to new the violations, recorded on 3,4,17 and 22 and 28 to 30 July and on 7, 13, 16 and 18 August 2003.

Mavroyiannis said Turkey's actions "violate international law as well as Security Council resolutions on Cyprus". He called for their "immediate cessation?.

?It is hoped that the government of Turkey will respect the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus and restraint from further violations?, the letter said.

?The government of Turkey should also heed the appeals of the international community, change its negative stance and exercise its influence on the Turkish Cypriot leadership, in order to contribute to the efforts to find a just and functional solution to the Cyprus problem, on the basis of UN resolutions?, the letter added.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkish troops invaded and occupied 37 percent of the island?s territory.

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