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Cyprus ready to deal with any developments concerning Famagusta
2003-09-02 16:48:03

Nicosia, Aug 30 (CNA) -- The Cyprus government has been ready to deal with any possible scenario of Turkey handing over the closed area of the occupied town of Famagusta to the Turkish Cypriot regime, Minister of Communications and Works Kyriakos Kazamias said here today.

Invited to comment today's press reports that in mid August, Ankara planned to hand over the closed area of Famagusta to the Turkish Cypriot regime but finally did not do so, Kazamias reassured that the government, as well as the Municipality Council of Famagusta, would have been ready to deal with such a development.

''The government was informed about this scenario by its own sources and was ready to deal with this development'', he said.

He also stressed that the legitimate citizens of Famagusta support the Cyprus state's policy on this issue.

The UN considers Turkey responsible for maintaining the current status quo in the city of Varosha, now behind barbed wire and inaccessible to its legal Greek Cypriot inhabitants.

Security Council resolution 550 (11 May 1984) ''considers attempts to settle any part of Varosha (Famagusta) by people other than its inhabitants as inadmissible and calls for the transfer of this area to the administration of the United Nations.''

Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkish troops invaded and occupied 37 percent of the island?s territory.

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