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AFRIKA: Opposition parties will sign co-operation protocol
2003-09-02 16:59:01

Turkish Cypriot daily AFRIKA newspaper (31.08.03) reports that the Republican Turkish Party (RTP), the Peace and Democracy Movement (PDM) and the Solution and EU Party (SEUP), will sign a protocol for co-operation after the forthcoming December ?elections? of the pseudostate.

The three Parties will sign a protocol for the establishment of a so-called coalition government. The agreement between the Parties will be announced on Wednesday at the latest.

The paper writes that the protocol consists of three basic elements:

1) The three Parties RTP, PDM and SEUP will cooperate after the elections and will reach an agreement on the subject of a coalition ?government?.

2) No one among these Parties will cooperate with either the National Unity Party or the Democratic Party for the establishment of a ?government? after the ?elections?.

3) In the framework of the cooperation and the alliance, the tree parties will avoid throughout the ?elections? to say or do anything that will cause harm to each other.

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