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Akinci: The Turkish Cypriots will get rid of Denktas
2003-09-03 12:31:04

Turkish Cypriot daily KIBRIS newspaper (03.09.03) reports that Mustafa Akinci, leader of the Peace and Democracy Movement (PDM), has said that the Turkish Cypriots are impatiently waiting for the December ?elections? in order to get rid of the Denktas policy, which led them into an impasse.

In a written statement issued yesterday, Mr Akinci supports that while the ?elections? come closer, the Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktas is worried because he does not trust the Turkish Cypriots and he knows that they do not approve his ?outworn policy?.

Referring to accusations by Mr Denktas against his wife, Mrs Meral Akinci (translator?s note: Mr Denktas accused Mrs Akinci and Mrs Oya Talat of taking money from ?foreign circles? to act against the occupation regime), Mr Akinci added, inter alia, the following:

??As through throwing mad on us was not enough, he (Denktas) began using the name of my wife, Meral Akinci. KAYAD, the chairman of which is my wife, is one of the civilian organizations, which are seriously serving our community. KAYAD has used some of the funds provided by UNOPS to other civilian organization. The ?TRNC? government was informed about this.

?Let God protect us from Denktas? slanders. However, the most correct thing to do is to be saved in December with people?s votes from the National Unity Party and the Democratic Party which are doing nothing else but being the parrots of Denktas and right afterwards we shall be saved from the negotiator Denktas, who produces no result.

After such a development Denktas will not be able to get the support of Anatolia, because such a development will pave the way not only for the Turkish Cypriots, but for the people of Anatolia as well?.

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