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T/C columnist foresees surprising developments in September
2003-09-04 11:03:11

Turkish Cypriot daily HALKIN SESI (01.09.03) publishes the following commentary by Ozer Hatay under the title: "September is fraught with surprising developments":

?At a time when all eyes are focused on the December elections, the days and months preceding the December elections appear to signal surprising developments.

In September in particular we might witness unexpected events as a result of US initiatives and moves by Turkey and Greece.

The lack of movement on the part of the `Greek Cypriot administration? in south Cyprus indicates that certain behind-the-scenes activities are taking place.

`President? Rauf Denktas is busy making statements aimed at every direction. During his latest visit to Turkey, he did not neglect to inform our people even about the weather.

The statements that Mr Denktas makes at random should not deceive anyone. The fact remains that nowadays Mr Denktas keeps his mind busy with important events. He will possibly emerge as a man with surprising decisions. It seems that we shall witness interesting developments in the days ahead.

As a matter of fact, the report in yesterday's edition of newspaper HURRIYET about [Turkish Cypriot businessman] Asil Nadir's decision to go to London is viewed as one of the unexpected events. The report that HURRIYET?s correspondent in London, Faruk Zabci, published after allegedly meeting with Asil Nadir has occupied the agenda with bombshell impact.

No denial came from Asil Nadir at the time of going to press. Probably no denial will be forthcoming. What Asil Nadir has in mind is something about which the Turkish Cypriot political figures and Turkey are curious.

It appears, though, that Asil Nadir is angry at Rauf Denktas and the `government?. Acting with the belief that he has not been shown any understanding, he tells those close to him that he will make important revelations any moment.

The current days and the days and months ahead are fraught with important events. Developments are expected on the Cyprus issue, in internal politics, and in relations between Turkey and the `TRNC?.

The Greek Cypriot press relates the silence observed by the `Greek Cypriot administration? to the lack of policy. The Greek Cypriot newspapers have even described [President] Tassos Papadopoulos as "a man who sleeps on the pillow of reluctance." A policy geared to the mistakes of the Turkish side is still valid.

It is for this reason that Greek Foreign Minister George Papandreou's forthcoming visit to Cyprus has created unease in the Greek Cypriot side. Reports suggest that certain measures that would put the `Greek Cypriot administration? into a difficult position will be forthcoming.

I am of the opinion that Greece aims at reviewing and further strengthening the strategy it set with the `Greek Cypriot administration? in the past. One cannot also underestimate the view that Papandreou's visit will take place to satisfy the United States.

The expectations in the Greek Cypriot side regarding the December `elections? are more in favour of the opposition. There is, however, an apparent uncertainty as to how they will treat the opposition. They make no secret of the fact that they feel uncomfortable because of the statements that the [Turkish Cypriot] opposition leaders make on crucial issues.?

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