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T/C Columnist: ''Separation is Erdogan's solution''
2003-09-05 10:26:43

Turkish Cypriot columnist criticizes Prime Minister Erdogan?s stance on Cyprus and supports that the so-called openings of the Turkish side aim at making the division of the island permanent and legalizing the occupation.

Under the title ?The ?non-solution is not a solution? fairy tale deceives no one any more?, Mehmet Levent of Turkish Cypriot daily AFRIKA newspaper (05.09.03) criticizes the Turkish government?s Cyprus policy and expresses the opinion that the so-called openings of the Turkish side after April 2003 aim at making the division of Cyprus permanent and legalizing the occupation of the island by the Turkish troops. Mr Levent writes, inter alia, the following:

??Last night while I was watching Turkey?s Prime Minister on the TV, I realized once more how slim the hope for a solution in Cyprus is. Noting that ?Annan has deceived us?, he says the same things he was saying when he blew The Hague up! ?Separate state, separate sovereignty, separate region, separate nation, separate religion?!!! This is Erdogan?s solution.

On the one hand he is saying that the non-solution is not a solution and on the other he is putting all the obstacles he can so that the problem is not solved! He is saying the same fairy tale from the very first day. ?The non-solution is not a solution?! Everybody is fed up with listening this fairy tale!

In the beginning these words were hopeful. Now they mean nothing! Everybody plugs his ears with cotton when Erdogan refers to the non-solution! This lullaby beguiles no one any more. New fairy tales, new lullabies must be told! ?

The three and a half out of the four statements of Erdogan, who says nothing new, are in the direction of the intransigence and the non-solution. In this case, some media which support the solution and the EU are doing nothing else but amusing the hopes of the people by ignoring the three and a half statements and by making headlines the other half, as though Turkey wants a solution and the Annan Plan.

Erdogan is continuously saying that Denktas and Turkey are making steps towards peace and solution, but the Greek Cypriot side is not responding to any one of them. The Greek Cypriot side is right in not responding, because no one of these measures deserves a positive response. No one of these steps is made for peace and solution.

All of them are steps in order to make Denktas? and Ankara?s separate state, separate sovereignty, separate region, separate nation and separate religion policy accepted, to incite the separation, to make permanent the division of the island and legalize the 30-years occupation.

No one has the right to present them as steps towards peace and solution and expect the Greek Cypriots to accept all of them. If you want solution either you will declare that you are ready to sign the Annan Plan as it is or you will officially demand our rights in the Republic of Cyprus and if necessary to launch a legal struggle for this. This is the way a step towards the solution is made and not by setting so-called traps to ensure the recognition of the ?TRNC? as a separate state!?

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