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T/C opposition parties sign protocol of co-operation
2003-09-05 10:36:53

Turkish Cypriot newspaper YENIDUZEN (04.09.03) reports that the Peace and Democracy Movement Party (PDM) leader Mustafa Akinci, Republican Turkish Party- (SEUP), United Forces Movement (RTP) leader Mehmet Ali Talat, and Solution and EU Party (SEUP) leader Ali Erel have signed a protocol for cooperation prior to the so-called elections in December. The protocol which was disclosed to the press in a written statement, is as follows:

1. "The Republican Turkish Party-United Forces, the Solution and EU Party (SEUP) and the Peace and Democracy Movement (PDM) see as their primary objective the establishemnt of the United Cyprus Republic within the framework of a solution to be found on the basis of the Annan Plan and based on the political equality of the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot constituent states as their main objective.

2. The SEUP, PDM and RTP-United Forces, undertake to form a coalition government amongst themselves in accordnace with the Arithmetic of the Assembly which will be formed with the support and confidence of the people after the December, 2003 elections, to cooperate in every way for the realisation of the afore mentioned main objective and not to go into any coalition with the NUP (UBP), DP or any other similar pro status-quo party.

3. The three parties as a first step soon after the elections will terminate the duties of `President? Denktas as negotiator and will appoint a new team of negotiators with the confidence of the majority in the assembly.

4. The three parties will achieve an agreement on the basis of the Annan Plan by May 2004 and put it to a referendum.

5. The three parties will strongly oppose any efforts of the pro status-quo parties +which in collaboration with the anti EU forces in Turkey to interfere in the elections and to divert the will of the peole by meddling with the demography of the community and playing with the number of the electorate.

6. Our parties are conscious of the fact that the solution of the Cyprus problem and the accession of the United Cyprus into the EU are in the common interests of the Turkish Cypriot pepole and Turkey. In this connection, we shall be in dialogue and solidarity with the political and social forces in Turkey which are for a solution in Cyprus and the progress of Turkey?s EU membership process.

7. The peace forces which consist of three parties, in the process leading to the December, 2003 elections, will in order to achieve their goals, act in solidarity and cooperation, united in force and action, will refrain from doing anything which may harm each other and will together resist attacks hampering the peace and EU process.?

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