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Cypriot FM denounces illegal Turkey-pseudostate agreement
2003-09-08 17:12:04

Nicosia, Sep 8 (CNA) -- Foreign Minister Georgios Iacovou stressed before the Informal General Affairs and External Relations Council, that took place in Italy September 5-6, the need to solve problems between EU member states and among EU member states, acceding countries and applicant countries.

Iacovou told the press after his arrival in Cyprus that he specifically referred to Turkey, which has signed a customs union agreement with the EU. The Minister said Ankara had to negotiate an agreement with Cyprus, something it has not done so far.

''Turkey has failed to do just that and in addition it chose to sign a framework agreement for customs union with a non existent state, without consulting the EU. These problems have not been solved despite the fact that I have pointed them out in a letter I sent to the Commission and to the President of the Council,'' Iacovou said.

He noted that his impression from a discussion he had with the President of the Informal Council and other members is that ''Turkey is trying to ease the negative fallout of her actions, by saying that this so-called framework-agreement will not be ratified by any constitutional institution in Turkey and therefore the EU should not worry.''

Iacovou said that the issues which the Council addressed were Common Foreign Policy and Security Policy High Representative's Javier Solana proposals on European security, the Intergovernmental Conference, which will look into the new European Constitution and various international and regional issues as the Middle East, Iraq, and Afghanistan

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