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Cypriot Government welcomes EU involvement in Loizidou case
2003-10-08 18:06:54

Nicosia, Oct 8 (CNA) ? The Cyprus government has described as ''very important'' the European Union?s involvement in efforts to secure compliance by Turkey with a European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruling, relating to human rights violations in Cyprus.

Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides said the EU will make representations to Ankara with regard to Turkey's refusal to execute the Court's decision in the Titina Loizidou case.

He said a debate will be held next Wednesday at the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe after EU member states in the Committee intervened during yesterday's Committee meeting when Turkey set out terms before it complies with the ECHR ruling.

Chrysostomides said the EU demarches towards Turkey may refer to the possible repercussions Ankara's continued stance on the Loizidou case will have. He said Greece and Cyprus tabled a resolution condemning Turkey?s behavior but he did not want to reveal the contents of the resolution.

Asked whether the government believes the EU?s involvement can change the situation, Chrysostomides replied that the ?EU?s involvement is very significant in view of Turkey?s accession course and a continued reminder to Turkey that compliance with the Copenhagen criteria and its contribution to a solution of the Cyprus problem are very significant in relation to its EU course?.

The European Court ordered Turkey in 1998 to pay some 900.000 dollars in compensation to Loizidou for loss of use of her property, occupied by Turkish troops since 1974, and told Ankara to allow Greek Cypriot Loizidou access to her property for peaceful enjoyment.

Turkey's representative to the Committee of Ministers said yesterday that his government would pay the damages but demanded that the Committee should not deal with the execution of the second part of the ruling (access to property and peaceful enjoyment) until 2005.

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