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Embassy News

Occupation regime continues to grant T/C ''citizenship'' to settlers
2003-10-09 10:35:15

Crisis at the illegal Aliens Department due to overload of work for so-called citizenship

According to the local Turkish Cypriot daily KIBRIS newspaper (09/10/03) because of the large number of applications submitted to the so ? called Aliens Department of the pseudo-state for the illegal citizenship there is a huge congestion.

The paper reports that the situation is very tense there and there is overcrowding and from time to time arguments broke out between employees and the people who want to acquire ?citizenship?. It adds that these arguments sometimes turn into fist fighting as it happened yesterday.

The paper further reports that the so-called director of the ?Aliens Department? Metin Fahrioglu because of the heavy pressure and work stress, had collapsed and taken to the intensive care unit of the local hospital. Doctors said that because of the heavy work schedule and stress Mr.Fahrioglu should rest in order to recuperate at the hospital.

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