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Cypriot President announces cancellation of ?Nikiforos? military exercise
2003-10-09 16:50:04

Nicosia, Oct 9 (CNA) ? Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos announced here Thursday the government?s decision to cancel the annual military manoeuvre ?Nikiforos?, scheduled for later this month in conjunction with Greece.

The President?s statement was made following declarations by the foreign ministers of Greece and Turkey that they would not go ahead with the military exercises ?Toxotis? and ?Toros? in the eastern Mediterranean.

The President?s statement is as follows:

?I have been officially informed that the Foreign Ministers of Greece and Turkey have decided to cancel the military exercises ?Toxotis? and ?Toros?.

The Cyprus government, wishing to contribute in efforts to avoid actions, which might cause the increase of tension, had stated that it would be ready to agree to the cancellation of the ?Nikiforos? exercise, if the governments of Greece and Turkey agreed to cancel ?Toxotis? and ?Toros?.

Because of this development, the Cyprus government decided to cancel the exercise ?Nikiforos?.

The Cyprus National Guard ''Nikiforos'' exercise was scheduled to start in October in conjunction with the Greek ''Toxotis'' war-games in the Aegean.

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