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T/C opposition reacts against granting ?citizenship? to Turkish settlers
2003-10-10 18:22:28

KIBRIS Newspaper, Nicosia, Oct. 10

Turkish Cypriot daily KIBRIS newspaper (10.10.03) reports that the ?citizenship disgrace? at the so-called Aliens Department caused a strike yesterday organized by the ?Turkish Cypriot Public Servants Trade Union? (KTAMS).

The members of KTAMS working at the above-mentioned ?Department? went on strike claiming that they are ?under psychological and physical pressure?, because of the many applications during the last weeks from people from Turkey who want to get the ?citizenship? of the occupation regime.

The paper writes that this was a strike only to warn the regime and added that representatives of seventeen trade unions met yesterday and evaluated the situation in the Turkish Cypriot community in general. KIBRIS notes that the trade unions are preparing for a general strike.

Mehmet Ali Talat, leader of the Republican Turkish Party (RTP), Mustafa Akinci, leader of the Peace and Democracy Movement (PDM), and Ali Erel, leader of the Solution and European Union Party (SEUP), visited the strikers heading delegations of their parties.

In his statements, Mehmet Ali Talat said that the pseudo-government is committing a crime, which will not remain unpunished. Mr. Talat argued that the supporters of the status quo know that they will lose the ?elections? and that is why they are resorting to every method to avoid this.

Furthermore, Mr. Akinci called on Turkey?s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdullah Gul and the government in Ankara to leave the Turkish Cypriots alone to express their political will freely and not to violate their right for referendum, just like they did in March.

Mr. Erel said that the strike had been caused because the pseudo-government is trying to interfere into the ?elections? by gathering the votes of the people who were granted the ?citizenship?.

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