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Pro-Denktash Newspaper calls on US Ambassador in Cyprus to ?go home?
2003-10-10 18:24:29

?VOLKAN? Newspaper, Nicosia, Oct. 8

Under the banner front-page title ?Yankee, go home?, Turkish Cypriot daily VOLKAN newspaper (10.8.03) calls on the US ambassador to Nicosia, Mr. Michael Klosson ?to go home? and stop interfering in the internal affairs of the Turkish Cypriots.

The paper argues that Turkish-speaking employees of the US embassy are visiting villages where mainly Turkish settlers live and urge them to vote for the opposition parties at the December ?elections?.

Furthermore, Tahsin Ertugruloglu, so-called Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense of the occupation regime, issued yesterday a written statement accusing Mr. Klosson of behaving as ?a governor of a colony? and protested for his interference in the ?elections?.

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