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President Papadopoulos assures of his sincere intentions for solution
2003-10-13 10:28:29

Nicosia, Oct 12 (CNA) -- President Tassos Papadopoulos has stressed that he does not seek to overturn the framework and the parameters of a UN proposal on a comprehensive settlement in Cyprus, adding that a more functional solution would serve the interests of the Turkish Cypriots as well.

In an address at an anti-occupation rally, read by the Finance Minister, Papadopoulos said the government is not going to accept the fait accompli which the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus has created and he will continue in good faith his efforts to rid the island of the occupation troops and to reunite the country.

"We are not seeking to overturn the framework, the philosophy and the parameters of the Annan plan, nor are we trying to contain rights and privileges the UN proposal offers our Turkish Cypriot compatriots," the President said, adding that a solution that works better would serve the interests of the Turkish Cypriots as well as the Greek Cypriots, in a united Cyprus member of the European Union.

He reiterated that he accepts the Annan plan as a basis for negotiations to find an overall solution and added "this indicates our sincere intention to reach an honorable and respectable compromise for a functional and viable solution."

"We hope and expect through negotiations without any preconditions to introduce such improvements to the plan that would render the solution more functional and therefore more viable, a solution that would stand the test of time, in a united Europe," the President said.

He vowed to continue his efforts with consistency and decisiveness to reunite the country, abolish the dividing lines and see the Turkish occupation troops and illegal settlers leave.

"We shall not accept to legalise and consolidate the fait accompli of the Turkish invasion," he stressed.

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