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Thousands protest against granting ''citizenship'' to Turkish settlers
2003-10-15 11:25:58

Turkish Cypriot trade unions and opposition parties protest against the ?citizenship? given to many mainland Turks by the occupation regime

Under the banner front-page title ?Great protest?, Turkish Cypriot daily KIBRIS newspaper (10.15.03) reports that the Turkish Cypriot trade unions, members of the platform ?This Country is Ours? organized yesterday (10.14.2003) in occupied Nicosia a warning strike and a protest action against the arbitrary behavior of the occupation regime.

The paper writes, inter alia, the following: ?In the action thousands of citizens participated in order to express their protest against the citizenship disgrace, the illegal employments, promotions and appointments and every kind of illegal practice. The citizens condemned those who prevent the will of the people from being reflected in the elections and called on the Supreme Electoral Council to do its duty?.

According to KIBRIS some of the slogans of the participants in the protest were: ?Give an end to illegality?, ?Only we represent ourselves?, ?Denktas resign?, ?Peace in Cyprus cannot be prevented?, ?Denktas will go and peace will come? and ?Unity, Struggle, Solidarity?.

The paper notes that in a written statement issued yesterday, Ali Erel, leader of the Solution and EU Party (SEUP), said that the Turkish Cypriots had been terrified in the past and that is why they had been kept away from the streets. Now, he added, it is obvious that the pressure and the threats can do nothing. Mr Erel said that there were some people who tried to provoke the demonstration and added: ?The desperate efforts of some people could not ensure the continuation of this corrupted system?.

The other Turkish Cypriot newspapers (10.15.03) cover the issue as follows:

YENI DUZEN: Under the front-page banner title ?We shall meet!? writes that thousands of people called on the Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktas to resign. During the protest, adds YENI DUZEN, especially young people shouted slogans against the National Unity Party (NUP) of ?Prime Minister? Eroglu in front of the party?s headquarters at Sarayonu Square. The paper notes that Greek Cypriot journalists and media from all over the world covered the event.

KIBRISLI: Under the banner front-page title ?March!? the paper writes that the Turkish Cypriots continue the great march they began in order to change the status quo on 14 December. Noting that the participants in the protest were between 8 and 10 thousands, KIBRISLI adds: ?The supporters of the status quo do not rule us like before and the people do not want to be ruled as they had been ruled. These two facts prove that change has become now inevitable and irreversible?.

HALKIN SESI: Under the banner front-page title ?The Trade Unions marched in order to protest against the government?, writes that some trade unions among which are Secondary and Primary School Teachers? Trade Unions (KTOEOS) and (KTOS) and Public Servants Trade Union (KTAMS) went on strike yesterday in Nicosia. Some political parties supported the strike as well, adds the paper.

ORTAM: Under the banner front-page title ?I am here? writes that the Turkish Cypriots shouted to those who do not take them seriously into consideration that they are here.

AFRIKA: The paper covers the protest on its front page using as title one of the slogans of the protesters: ?Denktas will go and peace will come?.

VOLKAN: Under the front-page banner title ?Fiasco with whistles!? writes that the Turkish Cypriots did not support those who for days now are calling them on a political strike and argues that only two thousand persons participated in the protest. One thousand of them were students, 500 were workers at the ?municipalities? controlled by Republican Turkish Party (RTP) and 500 were teachers and ?public servants?. The paper notes that only few hundreds out of the 12 thousand ?public servants? and the four thousand teachers participated in the strike and the protest.

VATAN: Under the front-page title ?Strike and march in Nicosia? writes that about three thousand people participated in the protest, under the leadership of three trade union chairmen who are candidates in the ?election? with RTP.

CUMHURIYET (North Cyprus): The paper refers to the protest in its inside pages under the title ?Some trade unions went on strike?.

BIRLIK, the mouthpiece of Mr Eroglu?s NUP makes no reference to the issue.

Talat accuses the pseudo-government

Turkish Cypriot daily KIBRIS newspaper (10.15.03) under the title ?The government commits a crime? reports that Mr Mehmet Ali Talat, the chairman of the Republican Turkish Party, gave a press conference yesterday and made statements regarding the ?citizenship? issue.

Referring to the statements of Mr Serdar Denktas regarding the ?citizenship? issue that the distribution of the so-called citizenship ?may not be right but it is legal?, Mr Talat said that it is not possible for this logic to be accepted. Mr Talat also said that the discussion regarding the distribution of ?citizenship? is going on for years now but it has reached a big dimension recently.

He also said that by distributing ?citizenship? shortly before the ?elections? the occupation regime interferes into the ?election law? which is in force in the pseudostate. ?This is neither moral nor legal?, he said.

Speaking about another statement by Serdar Denktas who branded the parties of the opposition ?Annanist Parties?, Mr Talat said that Serdar Denktas set into action another element in the ?war of nerves?.

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