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Citizen's Guide for Annan Plan launched
2003-10-27 16:53:57

Nicosia, Oct 27 (CNA) -- A programme entitled ''Cyprus decides'' developed by Greek and Turkish Cypriots with the aim to help people make an informed assessment of the Annan Plan was presented here today.

The project including a website: www.cyprusdecides.org and a booklet titled ''The Annan Plan for Cyprus: a Citizen's Guide'' was created in coordination with the Cyprus Office of the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO).

During a press conference at the Ledra Palace hotel in the UN-controlled buffer zone in Nicosia, the team which consists of Alexis Alexiou, Ayla Gurel, Mete Hatay and Yiouli Taki noted they do not advocate accepting or rejecting the Plan's contents but are concerned to provide objective, verifiable and easily understood summaries of its principal provisions in order to facilitate informed debate.

They also said that the project, which provides accessible information about the Annan Plan and assists groups and individuals to discuss the issues raised, was conceived when the UN Secretary General's plan for a Cyprus settlement was first circulated.

''The question that arose amongst some of us was how will people be able to express an informed opinion on a complex document of a constitutional standard such as the Annan Plan,'' noted Taki, adding that the ethos surrounding the project is people's right to information.

The circulation of the booklet takes place through organisations and individuals who are contacting the team for copies (projectpricyp@hotmail.com).

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