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CoE ministers postpone decision on ECHR ruling over Loizidou
2003-10-29 14:25:08

Nicosia, Oct 29 (CNA) - The committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe postponed for two weeks the decision regarding the execution of the European Court of Human Rights decision relating to human rights violations in Cyprus.

The postponement was asked by Italy, in its capacity as EU president, and was supported by some european countries. Italy said further negotiations were required with Turkey on the issue.

Turkey has said it is ready to pay the 900.000 US dollars in compensation to Greek Cypriot Titina Loizidou for the loss of use of her property in the Turkish occupied north of Cyprus but it is not willing to allow Loizidou access to her property, an obligation Turkey has to meet as part of the ruling.

Turkey's Permanent Representative said that any decisions on the issue should be taken at a higher political level.

The decision for the postponement was taken just one week before the European Commission prepares its report for Turkey's accession process.

Loizidou's lawyer, Achilleas Demetriades, said that it is very disappointing that there is a postponement once again.

However, he said the positive element is that there is still pressure to execute the decision.

Demetriades also pointed out that the fact that the issue will be examined at the next meeting means that it is still on the table.

The Court ordered Turkey to pay 600,000 dollars for loss of use of the property, 40,000 dollars for moral damages and about 260,000 dollars for costs, in addition to eight per cent interest as of 28 July 1998.

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